Maras & Moray tour

1 Day


Our half-day tour to Maras, Moray and Salineras offers you to explore the ancient archeological complex of Moray and the surrounding area. Enjoy this wonderful scenery of the Sacred Valley with a friendly English speaking local guide. Moray is one of the most mysterious sites in Peru. The concentric ring terraced of Moray are unlike all other ruins left behind by the Incas. Three big rings are carved deep into the earth forming sculpted Inca terraces thought to have served as an agricultural laboratory, where the Incas tested experimental crops and conditions.  

Next stop on our Maras and Moray Tour will be the colonial town of Maras, where the Inca nobility relocated after the Spanish conquest of Cusco. There are fascinating Incan coats-of-arms that are still visible on the lintels of the front doors.  

Finally, you will explore the ancient Salt Mines of Salineras. These mines are made up of holes with an average size are of about 5 square meters. These holes are filled with water and the evaporation of the water enables the salt to be harvested. 5000 of these wells have been excavated on the hillsides of the Sacred Valley. Join us on our half day tour from Cusco to Masa Moray and the salt flats and take wonderful pictures, learn about Incan agricultural techniques and have a wonderful time! 


Day 1 :

Start: 0945 pickup from your hotel for a half-day tour to visit Maras and Moray.
End: 14:00 at the Plaza de Armas


  • Pickup
  • Transfer
  • (English) speaking guide


  • Boleto turistico for 1 day 70 Soles, 10 days 70/ 130 Soles
  • Entrance to the Salineras 10 Soles
  • Lunch
Take with you

– Good walking shoes
– Hat for the sun
– Poncho or raincoat (in rain season)
– Snacks and water
– Money to buy the boleto turistico, entrances and souvenirs

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Maras & Moray tour
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