Lares Inca Trail

4 Days


This trek offers you an incredible combination of the Lares Valley (with its breathtaking landscapes and the traditional Andean culture), the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. In 4 days you will cross impressive scenery of mountains, snow-capped peaks, spending two nights in traditional Peruvian villages and cross the highland forest and semi-jungle until you reach Machu Picchu. 

The Inca Trail is without a doubt one of the most beautiful paths in America and therefore an unforgettable experience, which you cannot miss. You will cross the protected wilderness of the jungle and Peruvian highland forest, pass several Inca archaeological sites and enjoy impressive panoramas. The Incas used this route for their pilgrimage to the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu.


Around 6 am, departure from your hotel for a driver of about 3 hours by private car to the village of Lares, our starting point of the trek. On the way, we will make a stop at the village of Calca, where you will visit the local market and have breakfast. You can buy some school supplies or sweets for the children we meet during our walk. When we arrive in Lares, you have the possibility to go to the hot springs if, while the cooks will prepare a gourmet lunch.

After lunch, we will start walking towards our first camp located in the village of Huacawasi (3800m). For 3 hours, we will climb little by little on high. On arrival, our crew will install the tents. You will get a hot drink and a snack before dinner.

Time of transport: 3 hours
Time of walking: 3 hours
Climate during the day: hot
Climate during the night: (very) cold
Altitude: Cusco (3400 m) – Lares (3100 m) – Huacawasi (3800 m)

After breakfast, we will start walking towards the highest point of the trek, the Huacahuasi C'asa pass at 4500m. The hike will take about 4 hours and will be physical. The landscapes of mountains and green plateaus, agricultural terraces will be breathtaking, a great reward for your efforts. Prepare for significant temperature drops.

After reaching the highest peak, we will descend and pass by the beautiful lake of Aruray Cocha where we will have lunch. Then we continue the descent by passing the Yurak Cocha Lake and the Peruvian highland forest. Here you will discover the "Queuñas" (Polypepis), a typical Peruvian tree. This walk will take 4 hours until we reach our camp in Pucara (3000 m). A wonderful place where you will receive hot tea and a snack upon arrival, before dinner.

Time of walking: 8 to 9 hours
Climate day/night: hot/cold
Elevation: Huacawasi (3800 m) – Huacahuasi Pass (4500 m) – Laguna Aroray Cocha (4250 m) – Laguna Yurak Cocha (3560 m) – Pucara (3000 m)

At 6am, a vehicle will bring you to the village of Ollantaytambo. From there, we will take a train to the point '' km 104 '', starting point for the Royal Road of the Incas. First, you will walk to Chachabamba (2270m.) Here your guide will give you information of the ancient function that the archaeological sites had. After that, you will reach Wiñayhuayna (2650 m), the most important archaeological site just after Machu Picchu. Then our route continues to the Sun Gate '' Inti Punku '', a great viewpoint where you can admire the sunset over Machu Picchu (2400m). As we have to continue walking to our hotel in Aguas Calientes, we will not spend much time in Machu Picchu on this first day but you will have all the time to enjoy the beauty of Machu Picchu the next day at sunrise.

Time of walking: 6 hours
Time of transport: 2h30
Climate: Hot
Elevation: Pucara (3000 m)- Ollantaytambo (2700 m)- km 104 (2250 m) – Wiñayhuayna (2650 m) - Aguas Calientes(2050 m)

We will leave our hotel in Machu Picchu after breakfast around 5:30 by bus. We leave so early because at this time there will be less visitors. Also the morning is a great time to enjoy the sunrise and calm and ancient energy of the most famous archaeological site of the continent. Around 6:00 am, your guide will make you discover all the secrets of Machu Picchu and its history. Then you will have time to climb Wayna Picchu for a panoramic view if you have booked it in advance. At the exit, you have the option to buy a bus ticket for US$ 12 to bring you back to Aguas Calientes. You can also hike back which takes almost 1.5 hr. In Aguas Calientes you will have free time to have lunch, shop or go to the hotsprings. We will leave Aguas Calientes in the afternoon by train to Ollantaytambo, where a bus will be waiting to bring you back to Cusco.

Time of walking/visiting: 2 hours
Time of transport: 4h (Aguas Calientes - Cusco) and 30 minutes (Bus Machu Picchu)
Climate: hot with mosquitos
Elevation: Aguas Calientes (2050 m)- Machu Picchu(2400 m) – Cusco (3400 m)

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  • Information meeting with your guide 1 or 2 days before the start of the trek at 19h, to be confirmed when booking
  • Transfer from your hotel to Cusco (where the shuttle to access) to the Lares Valley
  • Ollantaytambo train at km 104
  • Transfer from Pucara to Ollantaytambo
  • Bus from Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu
  • Train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo
  • Transfer from Ollantaytambo to the Plaza de Armas in Cusco
  • Entrance to the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu site
  • Night in a private room in a hotel in Aguas Calientes
  • Spanish-English bilingual professional guide
  • Good quality camping equipment with Himalaya tents for two persons with mattresses).
  • New fixed camp, with tent shelters, hard kitchens and toilet
  • Meals during the stay (3x breakfast, 3x lunch and 3x dinner and snacks, warn us in case of allergies or special diet: vegetarian, etc.)
  • Cook and cooking equipment
  • Muleteers and mules for all camping equipment and personal equipment (max 5 kg) up to Pucara (for the Inca Trail part, you will carry your bag)
  • Emergency Horse (from Lares to Pucara)
  • First aid kit and oxygen bottle


  • Breakfast on the first day and lunch in Aguas Calientes on the last day
  • The return bus from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes (USD $ 12.00) - there is the possibility to walk down. It takes about 1h30.
  • Sleeping bag, possible to rent at the agency.
  • Optional: the climb of Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain: US$ 25

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Lares Inca Trail


Please contact us first to check the availability of your trip. Especially trips to Machu Picchu are restricted due to permits and maximum amount of visitors per day and availability of train tickets. So please ask us first to confirm and you can go ahead and book your tour with us!