Maras Moray by mountainbike

1 Day


Maras Moray is one of the classics in mountain biking in Peru. Fantastic views, fast descents and fascinating insights into local culture make this a day you will not forget. Do not worry; you do not have to be an ace racer to enjoy it. Your expert guide will show you all you need to know and with the help of the latest full-suspension bikes, you will be cruising the trails in no time. 

A short drive by car takes you to the start point along the fields of the Chinchero plateau. Potatoes, beans, corn, kiwicha, and quinoa combine their colours to lend a patchwork effect to this very traditional agricultural area. With a constant backdrop of the snow-capped Urubamba range, this is a photographer’s dream. 

The riding starts gently on mainly flat trails. Soon a few small uphill’s for the route to Moray. Here you can jump off the bikes and visit these unique Inca ruins. The function of these circles was to use it as an agricultural laboratory. The different depths and aspects allowed by the circular terracing helped the Incas predict what crops might grow where. When you finish your tour of the site lunch will be set up and waiting for you. 

After lunch, it is all downhill biking. 750 meters or 2500 feet of fantastic single track. While some parts are tricky, with the help and encouragement of your guides you will arrive at the saltpans of Maras. Still mined by hand you could even take some home as a souvenir. After this visit, we will bring you back to Cusco by mini-van.  


Day 1 :


  • Pickup
  • Transfer by public transport
  • Guide
  • Safety equipment
  • Lunch
Things to take with you

– Small backpack
– Sweater for the cold
– Hat or cap
– Sunwear
– Sun block
– Rain jacket or poncho
– Water
– Pocket money (approx 50-100 Soles)
– Toilet paper
– Snacks and water.

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Maras Moray by mountainbike
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